Moxa Cigars - Hand made

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5 units - Size : 20cm Ø1.8cm
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Moxa Cigar - High quality - Handmade.
100% Armoise
The glue used is glutinous rice flour, 100% natural.
Sun-dried and stored for 3 years , before manufacturing.
Manufacture according to ancestral methods.

- Box of 5 units
- Size: 20cm
- Diameter: 1.8cm

AI YE - Armoise.
Paper surrounding the cigar is : SANG BAI PI - Morus Alba
Glue: Glutinous rice, 100% natural.

The use of Moxa cigars allows to heat the acupuncture points and direct the circulation of the Qi within the meridians, in order to obtain better therapeutic results.
The use of Moxa is one of the oldest therapy forms in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The blocked vital energy can be released again by the action of the Heat produced by the combustion of mugwort, above certain specific acupuncture points.
The practice of moxibustion aims to eliminate Cold and disperse Dampness in the meridians. According to the Western conception, Heat treatment helps to improve the Blood circulation in the tissues, to stimulate the functions of the organs and to strengthen the immune system.

Burning time: 2 hours

- Alleviates pain
- Eliminate Cold - Dampness
- Restore Qi
- Improves Qi circulation
- Strengthens Yang and Wei Qi
- Improves the circulation of Blood and Qi

Fever, pregnant women should avoid the abdominal area and the pelvis and pubis area, in cases of acute trauma and inflammation, nose, eyes, mucous areas, during menstruation, hypertension and heart disease, in cases of insufficient organic fluids , the area of the Heart.

Be careful with the ashes that they do not fall down to the skin and also not to put the Moxa Cigar too close to the skin. During the practice, ash accumulates and should be disposed in an ashtray or Moxa extinguisher fairly regularly:

In case of burns you can use the cream CHING WAN HUNG < / a> Product strengths:
- Mugwort storage: Each bag does not exceed 10 kg, so mugwort is not packed or compressed and retains its volatile essences.
- Manufacturing method: Mechanical method only exerted by human force. The crushing is done with a heavy stone that avoids the use of the machine. Therefore, the essential oils are preserved.
- Glue: use of glutinous rice flour. This food and natural constituent (present in Asian food) avoids the use of industrial and synthetic glues.
- Paper used: Sang Bai Pi - White mulberry bark - Morus alba (ancestral manufacturing method)


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