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Decoction to lower the pressure (I)
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Category: Calm the yang
Calm the Liver and lower the Yang
Regulates Liver and Kidneys
Arterial hypertension due to an increase in the Yang of the Liver.
Instructions for use:
- Place the formula in 2 liters of water.
- Boil up to 1,4 liters.
- Eliminates waste from decoction.
- Wash and spray the affected area 3 times a day.
- Make a decoction in the morning and at night with the same substances.
SHI JUE MING - Haliotidis Concha
XIA KU CAO - Prunellae Spica
BAI JI LI / CI JI LI - Fructus Tribuli Terrestri
DAN SHEN - Radix Salvia Milthiorrhizae
CHE QIAN ZI - Semen Plantaginis

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