16 glass cups kit

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Thick glass - Free suction cup lighter
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Price as configured: €39.00

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Cupping kit with 16 thick glass cups of different sizes and one cup lighter for free. 

The ideal number of cups of different size to start the cupping therapy.

This kit contains:

4 Glass cups - Ø 3cm / Height 6cm

3 Glass cups - Ø 3,5cm / Height 7cm

3 Glass cups - Ø 4cm / Height 7,9cm

3 Glass cups - Ø 4,8cm / Height 8,5cm

3 Glass cups - Ø 6,5cm / Height 9cm

1 Rod to light the cups

Thanks to their strong suction action, cups bring the depth (YIN) to the surface (YANG).

Their use produces a blood circulation raise as well as a skin temperature raise, stimulates metabolism in skin tissues, and improves the sweat and sebaceous glands function.

The oldest written work on cupping use is in the Bo Shu (old book written on silk) which was discovered in an old grave from the Han Dynasty (202-221).

There is an ancient Chinese saying "Acupuncture and cupping heal more than half of diseases”

Cupping therapy is suitable for treating the Five Perverses, pains, Bi syndromes, digestive, circulatory and respiratory system diseases, some skin illness as furuncles and eczema, Wind attacks (facial paralysis), muscular weakness, hypertension and regular colds.

Cupping therapy is particularly effective when the pathogen is still located in the external energy surface of the organism (BIAN) and WEI QI (defense-protection).

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cups are placed on acupuncture points selected according to the disorder to treat, they are also used along the energy meridians. They enable the circulation of qi, blood or body fluid stagnation.

Cupping therapy has a positive effect on acne, psoriasis, eczema, cellulite, or any kind of pain. Its use allows treating Wind-Humidity type of Bi syndromes.

They can be placed on muscles or meridians to restore an energy imbalance.

A massage oil can be applied to ease the use on small surfaces or for the "in motion cupping” technique.

The cupping principle of actions is based on a detoxification notion via opening the pores. The cupping will bring the perversities to the surface. This technique is worldwide spread. Hipocrate, Vulpes or Galien mention it…. Egyptians and even our grandmothers used it, to treat bronchitis for example.


Using cupping therapy allows activation Blood and Qi circulation :

Locate the area to treat

Clean and dry the application zone of the cup

Place the cup on the zone

Realise the appropriate suction. 

Instruction :

Warm and clear the Meridians 

Disperse Humidity-Cold

Activate Qi and Blood

Reduce swelling and stop the pain 


Back pains

Muscular pains 

Neck pains

Injuries after physical efforts 



All needles (filiform, plum blossom, seven-star, subcutaneous and subcutaneous with round head) and suction cups, and any other equipment used (storage trays, forceps, guide tubes for needles, balls and cotton sticks, etc.) must be sterilized.
Immediately after use, reusable needles and other contaminated equipment must be immersed in an effective chemical disinfectant, then in water, with or without detergent, and after careful cleaning, rinsed thoroughly with water before packaging to be sterilized.

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