Bamboo suction cups Kit

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6 suction cups
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How to use:

Bamboo cups unlike glass cups are unbreakable, lightweight, economical and easy to place.
This is a traditional use but has a disadvantage regarding to sterilization due to the porosity of bamboo.

Bamboo cups can be infused with plants, thanks to their absorption properties, they will retain the active ingredients of these plants. Once put on the skin, we combine the benefits of the plants and the suction cups.

For example, boil the bamboo suckers with eucalyptus leaves and then place them in the chest in case of a cold.

Essential complement to reinforce massages, their therapeutic effect eases the pain, tones the energy, releases tension and alleviates the joints. Their ease of use and efficiency help to fight against the pain and put the energy flow back. This practice helps to improve the patient welfare.

This kit is made of 6 suction cups (3 sizes) :

- 2 cups of Ø4cm
- 2 cups of Ø6cm
- 2 cups of Ø8cm

With their strong suction effect, Bamboo cups bring the Yin to the Yang

Their use brings an increase of Blood flow, elevates skin temperature, stimulates the metabolism inside skin tissues, improves the working of sweat and sebaceous glands.

It's in the Bo Shu (ancient book written on silk paper), discovered in an old grave of Han dynasty (202-221), we find the oldest writing on cups using.

There is a Chinese saying which goes :
""Acupuncture and suction cup treat more than half of all diseases""

Cupping therapy is suitable for treatment of ""Five Perverses"", pains, Bi syndromes, all alimentary and respiratory ailments, some skin diseases like furuncle and eczema, Wind attack (facial paralysis),muscle weakness, arterial hypertension and common cold.
They are particulary efficient when pathogenic factor is localized in the external energetics surface area of the body (BIAN) and the Wei Qui (defense - protection).

- Abdominal pain (digestive, gynaecological reason)
- Back pain
- Constipation (Cold, Heat)
- Common cold and Flu (Wind/Cold, Wind/Heat)

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