XIANG GU Lentinus edodes 100gr

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100g bag - Shitake
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In China, it is known from the dawn of time. This is how it went back more than 7000 years ago, under the Ming dynasty, where a famous physician classified it as a ""lifetime elixir"".
It is called Dong Gu which means ""winter mushroom"", or Xiang Gu, which literally means ""scented mushroom"".
This mushroom has the peculiarity of being very fragrant, which gives an extraordinary flavor as soon as it is incorporated into a soup.
In the West, it is known in its Japanese translation of Shiitake. In Shiitake, Shii is the tree where this mushroom grows, which is found close to the oak and takes on the meaning of ""mushroom cultivation ...""
In French, it is known under the botanical name of ""edible oak"".
Therefore, it is a fungus that parasites the wood. Its natural habitat is at altitudes between 2100 and 2400m in China.
It is the second most grown mushroom in the world and the main producer is China.
Nature: soft and neutral.
Main actions:
Tones and promotes the circulation of Qi.
Dissolves the Tan.
Strengthens the Spleen.
Nourishes the Blood.
Promotes the exit of exantemas in the initial phase.
It has appetizing properties.
* This fungus is very useful in the case of Empty of Qi of the Spleen, with fatigue, lack of air and loss of appetite.
* When there is a blood gap, the brain is not well nourished and this can lead to dizziness with a pale skin. But it also strengthens the quality of the Blood.
* It is a food to be avoided in case of chronic urticaria, since it risks increasing or triggering the crisis. It is said in MTC that it is a product that shakes the Wind.
* Excessive consumption should be avoided in case of stagnation of food.

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