Diagnosis in Chinese medicine

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Giovanni Maciocia
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A comprehensive guide
Published 2012
This immense tome begins with endorsements by the luminaries of Chinese medicine in the west, a 33 page Table of Contents that reveals the scope of the text, a Foreword by Julian Scott, a Preface by the author, Aknowlegements, a Note on the Translation of Chinese terms, a guide on How to use the book and an innovative Index of symptoms and signs.
The book is organized by Chapters within Sections, Sections within Parts. These begin with Parts explicating the four examinations: Diagnosis by Observation, Diagnosis by Interrogation, Diagnosis by Palpation, Diagnosis by Hearing and Smelling. These are followed by Part 5, which is divided into a section on Symptoms and Signs presented by parts of the body and a section on gynaecological symptoms and signs. Part 6 covers pattern identification in four sections: internal organs; qi, blood and fluids; pathogenic factors, four levels, six stages and three burners; eight principles, twelve channels, eight extraordinary vessels and five elements.


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