Gold plated needles for auriculartherapy

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Box of 100 units
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Box of 100 units of semi-permanent ear needles with injectors and dressings provided.
Each unit consists of a small stainless steel needle, housed in a plastic injector with a magnet, which helps stimulate the point during the day (magnetotherapy).
Hypoallergenic adhesive bandages are provided in the package and can be used on the needle for added protection.
Sold in sterilized unit blisters.
This product has CE 0434 standards
Use:Once the injector is removed from its sterile package, the practitioner can easily implant the needle into the patient's ear, painlessly and much more precisely shaped. An adhesive patch can be added to protect the needle.
The use of semi-permanent needles can provide relief and longer stimulation, even after your patients have left your office. Once applied, the needles can remain positioned on the point (s) of acupuncture, for a few days, if desired.
The injector also contains a magnet for additional stimulation of Magnetotherapy. These magnetic injectors can be administered to the patient so that he can continue to stimulate the different points containing the needles
Ear acupuncture is a specific form of acupuncture that involves temporary needles placed at specific points in the ear for a variety of treatments.
Like all other SHENZHOU needle models, EAN needles are made in a sterile room and sterilized by gamma irradiation. They are delivered sterile for single use.
Acupuncture needles are single use and disposable. They must be disposed of after each use or recycled in a container that meets legal and health standards. Any other handling of needles does not comply with European directives or the health code (Illegal)



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