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""Decoction"" to tone the Liver
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Product informations


Product name: Bu Gan Tang

Bu Gan Tang, also known as ""Liver Nourishing Decoction"", is an exceptional formulation of traditional Chinese medicine, specially formulated to promote liver health and emotional balance. This ancient formulation, which dates back more than 1,000 years, is recognized for its benefits on optimal liver function and the promotion of mental well-being.

Key ingredients:
- Bupleurum Root (Chai Hu): This herb is used to promote the circulation of Qi (vital energy) in the liver, relieve stress and irritability, and soothe the Liver.
- Angelica sinensis (Dang Gui) Root: Dang Gui is famous for its role in balancing female hormones, making it a popular choice for women suffering from hormonal imbalances.
- Paeonia lactiflora (Bai Shao) Root: This ingredient is known for its calming properties that help reduce anxiety and muscle tension.
- Atractylodes macrocephala (Bai Zhu): It supports the digestive system by promoting digestion and absorption of nutrients, while strengthening vitality.
- Mentha haplocalyx (Bo He): Mint is used to soothe the mind, refresh breathing, and help alleviate headaches.
- Rhizome of Zingiber officinale (Sheng Jiang): Ginger is renowned for its warming and soothing properties for the digestive system.

Potential benefits:
- Supports liver health by promoting the circulation of Qi.
- Helps reduce stress, irritability and anxiety.
- Promotes optimal hormonal balance (especially for women).
- Supports digestion and absorption of nutrients.
- Soothes the mind, refreshes breathing, and reduces headaches.
- Promotes a general feeling of well-being and serenity.


Class: Tonify
Subclass: Tonify the Blood
Harmonizes the Blood
Nourishes Blood
Nourishes Liver-Yin
Liver Blood and Yin Deficiency.
Possible symptoms and diseases:
Blurred vision
Dry eyes
Bad temper
Hot flashes
Muscle spasms
Numbness of the muscles
Red, dry tongue
Fine-Rapid-Wiry pulse (Xi Shu Xian)

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