CHANG CHUN HUA - Catharanthus roseus

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Periwinkle fruit from Madagascar
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Therapists notes

Category: Clarifies the Heat
Subcategory: Expels toxins
        Name :
Pinyin : Chang Chun Hua
Pharmaceutical : Catharanthus roseus
Description : Periwinkle fruit from Madagascar
Properties :
Nature : Cold
Flavor : Bitter, sweet
Tropism : Liver, Kidney
Toxicity : Slightly toxic
Actions :
Calms the Shen and calms the nerves
Clear the Heat
Resolves toxicity
Cools the Blood
Decreases liver hyperactivity and lowers blood pressure
Warning :

Side effects: alopecia, abdominal pain, nausea, constipation, muscle pain, numbness of the fingers, fever.
Contraindicated for those with bone marrow deficiency.

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