Electromagnetic TDP lamp CQ-32 (2 heads)

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CQ-32 - Head size: Ø15cm
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Electromagnetic TDP Lamp: Model CQ-32
Lamp Heads (x2): Outer diameter Ø15cm. Mineral plate Ø12cm
CE Certified

The CQ-32 lamp features two heads that can operate independently.
This TDP lamp generates a thermomagnetic wave that penetrates the treatment area, creating a sense of comfort and soothing without any pain.
It complements Acupuncture and Moxibustion therapies.
A plate infused with a special combination of 33 minerals is heated by infrared light, emitting therapeutic rays that enhance microcirculation.
They serve as a clinical alternative and substitute for moxibustion, enhancing Acupuncture treatments. TDP lamps emit infrared waves that deeply penetrate the human body.
This model features replaceable heads, avoiding the need to replace the entire lamp in case of malfunction after several years.

It is recommended to use the lamp for periods ranging between 20 and 40 minutes, as needed. Treatments can be repeated throughout the day.
TDP lamps are recommended for relieving muscle and joint pain, associated with conditions like arthritis or poor Qi or Xue (Blood) circulation, as well as soft tissue injuries or sprains.
The emitted heat provides a gentle warmth that also helps relax muscles, reduce soreness, and alleviate back or lumbar pain.
Unlike conventional infrared lamps, the TDP lamp is equipped with a plate containing a combination of 33 minerals essential to the human body, heated by a resistance.
Information: The lamp reaches its ideal temperature in approximately 10 minutes.

Replacement Parts:
Replacement Head - J927
Resistance - J910A
Lamp Disc - J910E
Fuse - J910F
Insulating Cushion - J910B
Magnetic Plate - J910D

Therapeutic Indications:
Stimulates the healing process
Activates metabolism and immune defenses
Harmonizes Qi
Improves blood circulation
Helps relieve pain
Generates relaxing and decontracting heat

Technical Specifications:
Mechanical timers
Head size (heating part): Ø15cm - Replacement Head - J927
Far infrared emission 2 - 250 watts at 60 Hz, 25 microns
Maximum power consumption: 250 watts
Suitable for 1000 to 15000 hours of use - it is recommended to replace the Magnetic Plate - J910D
Base equipped with 5 wheels for easier mobility
1-year warranty on electrical parts (excluding wear items such as heating elements).


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