Infrared lamp with bulb

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Size of the head : Ø12cm
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This IR-PRO 250 heat pump is designed for professionals and can be used in large areas of the body. Combines western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine.

Infrared radiation penetrates the skin at a depth of 5 mm (lower layers of the skin) and becomes heat in the tissues.

Parabolically, it has an internal glass reflector that allows focusing infrared rays in the affected area.

The swivel arm offers the maximum comfort for each use.

Infrared emission from 700 to 50,000 nanometers
Power: 220V, 50Hz, 3 pin safety pin
Timer: 60 minute timer with automatic stop
Life of the bulb: 1000 hours (the bulb can be replaced)
Intensity: 32 mW / cm2 (measured at 30 cm from the bulb)
Distance of treatment: 12 cm to 36 cm from the skin
""Arm"" removable and expandable: 90cm (vertical), 75cm (horizontal)
Minimal height / max: 63 cm up to 150 cm above the ground
Telescopic main site: 30 cm
Adjustment of the head of the device: Inclination up to 90º, rotation of 360º
Stability: this model has a base with 5 wheels to facilitate the movement
Weight: 14.5 kg

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