Mini moxa for warm needles

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200 units - Size of the moxa : 1,5 * 1cm
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Packaging: Box of 200 units.
Size: 1.5cm x 1cm

Mini pure moxa stick, rolled into a small cylinder shape, 1.5cm long and 1cm in diameter.
This type of moxa is used in conjunction with acupuncture and is placed directly on the needle.
The mini moxa is positioned on the handle of the needle. Thread the needle through the small hole already perforated.

AI YE - Artemisia Argyi Leaf

Pain dispersion
Expels cold-dampness
Restores Qi
Circulates blood
Strengthens yang and Wei Qi
Improves circulation of Blood and Qi

Its use allows to heat acupuncture points and direct the circulation of Qi within the meridians, to achieve better therapeutic results. This heat transmission is done through the acupuncture needle.
The use of Moxa is part of the oldest therapeutic forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Blocked vital energy can be released again by the action of heat produced by the combustion of mugwort, over specific acupuncture points.
The practice of moxibustion aims to repel cold and release moisture in the meridians. According to Western conception, heat treatment helps improve blood circulation in tissues, stimulate organic functions, and strengthen immune defenses.

Fever, pregnant women avoid abdomen and pubic region, recent traumas with inflammation, nose, eyes, mucous membranes, during menstruation, hypertension and heart disease, insufficient organic fluids, heart region

the practitioner must be attentive to the user's sensation, as soon as they feel it is too hot, they must remove the mini moxa. The sensation of heat is not the same for everyone, if the void is significant, it may not even be felt, make sure to remove it in time to avoid any burns. In case of burns, you can use the cream Ref. E371C - Ching Wan Hung


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