Warm Plaster

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Curcuma & Canelle / Size: 12 x 16cm
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Also called ""KANLISHA ""Chinese hot water bag""

Those warming plasters have been developped by a Taiwanese professor from the China Medical University, after many years of clinical experience.

Each box contains 2 patches with each patch providing heat for up to 16 hours

On contact with the air, the iron inside of the patch oxidises, and begins to warm. To ensure a constant and pleasant warming effect, oxidation is slow.

Expulse the Wind and the Cold
Stimulate the circulation of Blood and alleviate the pain
Efficient for Arthralgia driven by Cold Wind Humidity
Numbness in the limbs
Cold abdominal pain

This patch can be used in case of Arthrosis, painful period, sensation of Cold in the Stomach.

It relieves pain and soreness and can be used on Abdomen, Shoulder, Neck, feet or hands.

1. Remove the heating patch from the package
2. Gently squeeze and shake the heating patch
3. Allow the heating patch to breathe and it will start to warm

- Iron powder
- Activated charcoal
- Sodium chloride
- Curcumae Longae Rhizoma/Yu Jin
- Cinnamomi Cortex and Water/Gui Zhi

Warnings / precautions:
Use on clean dry skin
Do not use on face or broken skin
Children under 8 years of age, elderly people and pregnant women should only apply under proper supervision
Stop the application if you feel overheated, discomfort or irritated
Do not break the heating patch! If nevertheless you'll be in contact with the inner contents of the patch, rinse off with water and see immediately a practitioner
External use only
Store in a cool dry place
Keep out off he reach of children

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