Silicone cup 7cm (Green)

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Size: 7cm
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Energy facelift !
This technical allows to activate the Blood and the Qi.
Those facial cups have a positive effect on acne, psoriasis and eczema as well as cellulite.
They can be applied on the wrinkles or muscles or else on meridians to restore an energy imbalance.
Silicone facial cups are widespread on cosmetic procedures.
Face cupping allows to reduce wrinkles, pendulous cheeks, double chin.
It works like facial gymnastic, firming muscles, increasing skin tonicity and stimulating the collagen for a lifting effect.
They allow to eliminate toxins, restore radiance to the face.
Cups made of silicone provide a strong, effective medium to deep tissues massage.
These cups are translucent for best observation, flexible, watertight, and easy to use. A massage oil can be apply in addition to improve the use on little areas.
The elongated cup is designed especially for use on the face, but may be used anywhere on the body, like the other traditional cups.

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