YU PING FENG SAN (500mg*100)

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Box of 500mg*100 tablets
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Category: Astringent
Stabilizes the Surface, the Biao
Stops sweating
Tonifies the Qi

Defensive Qi deficiency (Wei Qi).

Symptoms and possible illnesses:
Aversion to Wind
Aversion to air drafts
Chronic bronchitis
Respiratory tract infections
Allergic rhinitis
Flu syndrome
Immune system deficiency
Pale complexion
Spontaneous perspiration
Pale tongue with white coating
Floating and empty Pulse (Fu Xu)

Ingredients (a daily dosage of 24 tablets corresponds to the quantity of dried herbs in dry extract format):
Bulking agent : Cellulose
DANG GUI – Angelica Sinensis 6g
HUANG QI – Astragalus membranaceus 15.57g
FANG FENG – Saposhnikovia divaricata 5.19g
BAI ZHU – Atractylodes macocephala 5.19g
Bulking agent: corn starch
SHENG JIANG – Zingiber officinalis 3.11g
DA ZAO – Ziziphus jujube 2.07g
Anti-caking agents: talcum, Magnesium stearate.

Recommended dosage:
5 to tablets 3 times a day.
Acute and severe Blood deficiency (due to a hemorrhage, for example)

Analysis of the composition:
· HUANG QI: Tonifies the Qi, more specifically the Wei Qi ; stabilizes the Lung and the Spleen
· BAI ZHU : Tonifies the Spleen Qi and, indirectly, the Lung
· FANG FENG : circulates with the Wei Qi and fights on the Surface against Wind penetration.
The combination of these three ingredients helps to expel the pathogenic external energies by tonifying the internal healthy energy.

Special warnings and precautions for use:
Maximum duration of treatment: 1 month. Use with caution during pregnancy. Keep away from light, store in a dry place.Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Under no circumstances we will be liable for any misuse of these food supplements. The daily dosage will vary according to your practitioner’s advice. Only for adults. Keep out of reach of children.

Control of production: PVHERBS®
The trademark PVHERBS was registered in 2015 in order to cope with our relentless commitment to excellence throughout the entire production cycle.Our Quality Policy guarantees an optimal effect remedy, traceability and reducing the use of adjuvants. Made in France and ISO9001-certified.The plant extracts comply with GAP and GMP standards.
This product is a food supplement. It corresponds to the energetic imbalance diagnosed by a Chinese Medicine practitioner.As it is not considered a drug, it can not treat a disease diagnosed by a doctor. In case of doubt, ask your doctor for advice. This dietary supplement should not replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.The information provided here is not intended to replace specific advice from your practitioner.

To ensure traceability and excellence of our supplies, we only work with small farms located in the heart of famous traditional lands. To preserve these characteristics over the centuries, special know-how has been developed by whole villages specialized in plant cultivating. They bring their invaluable expertise at all harvesting stages.

Absence of bacterial or fungal contamination, of heavy metals, of sulfides, of irradiation and pesticide residues.

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