Duo facial massage - Roller and gua sha

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Sku: J934
Roller: 14*5,5/2,5, Gua sha:7*4,5
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Duo for facial massage - essential for beauty and self-care treatments against aging and wrinkles.
Dimensions: Roller:14cm x 5,5cm/2,5cm. Guasha: 7cm x 4,5cm.
It includes two products: the roller and the natural Xiuyu jade gua sha.
The Xiuyu´s jade stone is 100% natural and contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to the human body. They help to accelerate blood circulation, increase skin enzyme activity and drainage.
The large roller head is ideal for use on the neck, chin, cheeks and forehead, while the small roller head is perfect for the eyes, nose and lips. The roller facilitates blood circulation which can reduce puffiness and diminish wrinkles. The jade gua sha is an ideal tool for facial and beauty treatments. On one side, it can lower muscle tension in the upper back and neck and thus achieve a more relaxing look on the face, but it can also be used directly on the face to improve the microcirculation and drainage in order to achieve a revitalizing and luminous appearance on the skin of the face.
The roller and gua sha can be used without cream or oil. The regular use of the facil roller and gua sha stimulate the energy in the meridians that pass through the face and help to align wrinkles, relax the muscles of the neck and face, reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes and improve the appearance of the skin. They do not contain chemicals or irritants.


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