Gua Sha rectangular made with Jade

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Size: 7,5cm * 5,3cm * 0,7cm
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Gua sha rectangular made with Jade of 7,5cm with a flat side and another with two rounded tips specific to the massage of the vertebral column, buttocks, neck, back, arms, legs and face.

Gua Sha is a very frequent MTC technique that allows scratching the skin with the massage tool called Gua Sha and which is used to improve the circulation of the Qi of Blood and body fluids. Scratching also allows in case of Biao attack, wind/cold or wind/heat, raise the perverse to the surface.

The microcirculation of the soft tissues is stimulated with various pressure movements, which increases the blood flow.

The practitioner can apply massage oil to the skin to facilitate scrapping.

Gua Sha helps circulate stagnant energy, inflammation, cold and osteoarthritis.

Gua Sha is usually held in the back, buttocks, neck, arms and legs. You can even use it in a gentle way in the face as a ""lifting"" technique to avoid wrinkles and fine lines.

Length: 7,5cm
Width: 5,3cm
Deep: 0,7cm

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