Plum Blossom hammer

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Size: 21cm - single use
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1 unit - Sterilized single use
The plum blossom hammer consists of 5 to 7 steel needles placed in a long and flexible plastic handle. These needles are 3 mm long.
The plum blossom hammer is used by lightly percussion on the skin to promote the flow of Qi in the meridians and regulate the functions of the intestinal organs. The frequency of percussion should be between 70 to 90 times per minute.
The intensity of the stimulation is also an element to take into account; light (toning), moderate or severe (toning and dispersion), strong (dispersion) as a function of different pathologies. The intensity will be chosen according to the patient's profile and areas of the body that are treated.
This technique can be applied to the muscle-tendon meridians, on acupuncture points, in an area of the skin, by the spine, head, face, neck, chest, abdomen, and meridians of the bladder, etc ...
The use of the plum blossom hammer can be combined with the suction cups.
Based on the same laws as acupuncture, the plum blossom hammer technique is more efficient and can treat many common diseases.
Precautions in use:
Do not use on open wounds and ulcers.
A single sterile use.
Disinfect the area before percussion.

The technique of plum blossom is to hit slightly the surface of the skin using this multitip hammer so as to tone certain areas and in particular the path of the meridians.
This technique is very old, it is mentioned in the Nei King.

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