Pu Erh tea Tuocha Organic

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Mini-nests / box of 75g
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About 15 mini-nests
Aromas of undergrowth and cellar.
True Yunnan Mini Tuocha Tea from China. This black tea comes from the high mountains of Yunnan province, located in the South West region of China.
The best leaves of this tea have been selected and prepared with care to obtain a unique feature: thinning and digestive comfort.
Regular consumption of this tea always keeps your line and refine your silhouette.
Manufacturer's recommended dosage: With its low theine content, this tea can be consumed throughout the day.
From 5 to 7 gr. * 150ml. of water - 95ºc from 1min to 1min30
Ingredients: 100% Tuocha tea
Soil: Mountains of Yunnan (1000-4000 meters).
Like some wines, Pu Er improves with age.
Fermented whole leaves, contains a noble mold.
Tea leaves can be reinfused 4-5 times.
Nature: less cold than green tea.
Meridians: Heart, Lung, Stomach, Liver.
Action: detoxifying and anti-fat.


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