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Eight Treasure Congee to tonify the center
Dry plants | ARR1 | Net Weight 300g
The eight-treasure congee is a glutinous rice soup, well known and traditional in China. It is a nutritious soup that strengthens the center and also generates a pleasant and calming sensation. It has a slightly sweet taste and therefore we can take it as a breakfast, a snack or for a lunch.
A bag of 300g contains:
-CHI XIAO DOU - Semen Phaseoli- 14,30g
-DA ZAO/HONG ZAO - Fructus Jujubae - 14,30g
-LIAN ZI - Semen Nelumbinis Nuciferarae 14,30g
-YI YI REN/MI REN - Semen Coicis) - 14,30g
-LONG YAN ROU - Arillus Euphoriae Longan - 14,30g
-SHAN YAO/HUAI SHAN - Radix Dioscorea Oppositae - 14,30g
-GOU QI ZI - Fructus Lycci - 14,30g
-NUO MI - Semen Orizae glutinosae - 200g
CHI XIAO DOU: Adzuki bean is a sweet in taste and neutral in nature.It clarifies Heat-Dampness, Heat-toxins and reduces swelling because it is diuretic. It strengthens the Spleen and also harmonizes the Blood and drains the pus.
DA ZAO / HONG ZAO: A warm and neutral substance. Nourishes and invigorates the fundamental substances (Qi, Xue, Jin Ye and Yin and Yang. Tones the Middle Jiao, (Spleen - Stomach), the Qi and nourishes the Blood and the nourishing energy Ying Qi. Calms the Shen, moderates and harmonizes the effect of other herbs.
LIAN ZI: The lotus seed is a neutral, sweet and astringent substance that retains and consolidates. It tonifies the Spleen and strengthens the center. It astringes the intestines and harden the stool. It tonifies the Kidney and astringes the Jing. Adzuki nourishes the Blood and harmonizes the Heart and calms the Shen. It is especially useful when there is a disharmony between the Heart and Kidney, (Fire of Heart and Water of Kidney).
YI YI REN / MI REN: Sweet and slightly cold. Together with the rice it strengthens the center and eliminates drying Dampness. Disperses Dampness-Heat and alleviates pain in cases of Bi Wind-Dampness syndrome in muscles and bones. It also tonifies the Spleen, calms diarrhea and clears up the heat.
LONG YAN ROU: A warm and sweet substance. Nourishes the Blood and invigorates the Spleen. Tones the Heart and Spleen and calms the Shen.
SHAN YAO / HUAI SHAN: A sweet and neutral substance that tones the Spleen and nourishes the Stomach Yin and for diarrhea. It tonifies the Lung Qi and nourishes the Lung Yin. It tonifies the Kidney Yin and astringes the Jing.
GOU QI ZI: A sweet and neutral substance. Nourishes and tonifies the Yin and Blood of the Liver and Kidney. It benefits the Jing and makes the eyes shine. Nourishes the Yin and hydrates the Lung. Goji berries bring sweetness to the dish.
NUO MI: A sweet and warm substance. It tonifies the Middle Jiao and benefits the Qi.
-Strengthens the Qi, Spleen and Jiao Medium.
-Drains Dampness.
-Warms the center.
-Strenghtens the Blood.
-Calms Shen.
Instructions of use:
Take more or less 100g of the dried plants and wash them well with cold water and then boil them in 2l of water for about 20 minutes. Then, add rice (200g) and add more water (1.5-2l) and continue boiling over medium heat for about 40 minutes. Boil until all the ingredients are soft.
You can sweeten the congee with honey, sugar and / or cinnamon. You can also add natural peanuts at the end of the cooking or spread raw peanuts on top of your congee cup.
You can eat a proportion a day for a long period.
Precautions and contraindications:
No recomanat per a dones embarassades.
Conserve the congee mixture in a dry and cool place.


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